Lives and works in Los Angeles


Originating from his upbringing in Puerto Rico, La Cruz’s work reflects and exposes dichotomies both in nature and society. Ingrained in his photographs is the candid splendor of light and color set against the social solitude of American living. He masters the natural light surrounding his subjects, using a single light source to capture the momentary and transient qualities of a specific moment in time.


With a classical approach to photography through medium and large format film, his work takes on a cinematic quality as space is designed through the frame.  His voyeuristic polaroids capture daring moments of vulnerability in his subjects lives. Anonymity contrasts palpable sentiment. His photographs work as narratives where the progressive intimacy between photographer and subject is developed.  Every image is connected to the whole as a story unfolds.


Trained as an architect, with a BArch from Cooper Union, the material environment he captures reflects his knowledge of structure, perspective and form. His videos, like his photographs, study light within the construct of time. The material world gains visual elements of weight, stiffness, color, and subtle movement.